cropped betta fish dietAll You Need to Know about Siamese Betta Fish


Straight from the waters of Thailand, the Siamese fighting fish or else known as the Betta will fascinate you. They are among the most popular fighting fish found in the wider area of Indonesia, stretching all the way to China. Their vibrant colors and unique form makes them appealing to the public, although they are not so innocent when kept in a fish tank.


If you are planning to put two males together in the same place, you should definitely reconsider. The chances are that they will start fighting and they will never let go until you separate them and keep the away from each other. This is because they are territorial fish, and they cannot stand remaining in a narrow place together. If you choose to get two females together, you can expect them to become territorial at some point; however, they do not become as aggressive and do not have the same reactions as the males. So the co-existence of more Siamese fighting fish is more doable when you prefer females over males.


They boast flowing fins that make them look shiny and radiant. Because of their unique formation and unparalleled beauty, they have been increasing in popularity as aquarium fish. You can see differences between the two sexes, with males having more vibrant coloring and more intensely flowing fins. Over time, this fighter fish has gone through selective breeding, and the results are impressive in their looks. Even without the selective breeding, though, they are amazingly beautiful and attract the eye of everyone in sight. This is the reason why most aquariums include at least one betta.


Where to Keep Them


This Chinese fighting fish mainly thrives in warm waters. So the temperature of the water inside the aquarium should ideally reach the same heights. If you are truly interested in offering them great quality of life, you will make sure to simulate the conditions of their own habitat. As far as their diet is concerned, typically the betta feeds on insects and larvae. This is the most commonly found food options in the waters of Thailand and the rest of the world, where the fighter fish survives. However, there are special products that you can find at pet shops that cover their nutritional needs for the day. For example, you can purchase plankton and brine shrimp, glassworms and other foods packed with all the nutritional elements that benefit the betta.


Siamese Fighting Fish is a creature of exceptional beauty and unique character, one of the best options for aquariums with style!