cropped betta fish dietThings you need to know When Introducing  betta fish Tank mates.

If you’re thinking about introducing betta fish tank mates, there are few things you need to know. Betta fishes have an affinity to being on their own and may kill other fish and even snails if added to the tank. A few betta fishes are pleasant with tank mate along with snails, cherry shrimp, ghost and catfish, and keep in mind that so long as the fish sharing the tank isn’t larger or more colorful, it should be okay. Early before adding betta fish tank mates, do a thorough studies by throwing questions at the seller. If doubtful, don’t bother about having a mate for your betta fish.

  • Male betta fish can never ever live with other male betta fish. That is the main reason behind naming them Siamese combating fish. In an aquarium layout, they’ll combat to the death with the intention to fight for their living space which is known as territorial protection. No matter the scale of the tank. If your tank does not have a partition, do not dare end the live of one or both betta by keeping them in the same tank.


  • Hold female betta fish singly or in numbers, minimum of five, to reduce any aggression. The tank need to be at least 10 gallons and feature numerous hiding spots if maintaining a couple of females. All females ought to be introduced at the same time. When having a tank mate for your betta fish, don’t dare place two female betta fish in your tank. They establish a pecking habit and having just two female fish means that the less dominant one gets picked on all the time.


  • Female betta fish will pick on the male and vice versa. Don’t put them in together in the same tank as tank mates. Do extensive research on breeding them if you assume you want to try it, but understand that breeding bettas is a huge dedication, and something not to be taken lightly.


  • Don’t put a mirror or reflecting surface to the side of the tank because a betta can flare at this because it might think that there may be a rival in his/her territory. This will disturb the fish, so keep reflecting surfaces away from the tank.


In case you’re making plans for a 10-gallon tank you need to be very cautious of betta fish tank mates which as you already know cannot be another betta fish. It is a great concept to take into account critters instead of fishes, as they have very little tendency to provoke aggression on your betta.


Here are a few Critters to Keep in mind


Apple Snails: These fellows have their own armor. A few Betta fish would possibly try to pick on them, however they can retreat into their shells in defense. Such a betta fish tank mate in a ten-gallon tank is pleasant. Feed it with algae wafers.

African Dwarf Frogs: They will glide along the top of the water, and like Betta they are able to get along in a low-flow filtration area. A couple of them with your Betta makes a beautiful and lively tank. Make sure you’ve got a relaxed lid to your tank, and look ahead to Betta selecting on them at the floor.

Ghost Shrimp: Those busy little guys are amazing to observe, however be less worried as  Bettas do not feed on them as meal. They’re scavengers so they’ll help preserve the tank tidy, and they do not produce much waste.