Betta fishes are known for spectacular fins and bright colored body. The fish is also called Siamese fighter fish because of male fish’s aggressiveness towards another. However, it makes a good pet because of its low cost for maintenance and care. With proper Betta fish care, one can live up to ten years.


Picking a Betta Fish


The first thing one should consider is the color. A healthy Betta has vivid and bright color. The fish comes in different colors, and the most common ones are red and blue. Don’t get one with pale color.


Be sure to get a Betta fish that’s active. It will not be fun if you have a fish that only sits at the bottom of the tank. It is also important to look at the fins and eyes. The fins must not be damaged in any way.


Prepare the Betta Fish Tank


Before buying a Betta fish, it is important that you already have a proper home for it. In the wild, Betta fishes live in rice paddies. That’s why they are suited in shallow but spacious Betta fish tanks. Having the right sized tank will help prolong its lifespan. You should consider getting a five-gallon tank or more, even if you are just going to get a single fighter fish.


And remember not to place a male Betta with another male. They will end up fighting all the time. Females with docile personality can live with each other. If you are thinking of getting two Betta fishes, then consider separating them just to be safe.


You can also place a Betta fish, with another fish, but the latter must not have long fins and the same size as your fighter fish. A larger fish will eat your Betta, and a smaller fish will be eaten by the Betta. Some recommended tank mates for Betta fishes include White cloud Mountain Minnows and Red Cherry Shrimp.


The Betta is a tropical fish and you need to maintain the temperature of the water at 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a cold country, then you will require a heater for your fish. You will also need a filter to keep the water clean. Avoid using decorations that can tear the fins of your Betta. Some of the things you should avoid include decorations with sharp edges and hard plastic plants. You should use live plants or silk plants instead.


These are the things to keep in mind when choosing a Betta fish and tank. Remember that the lifespan of the fish depends on how you take care of it. The fighter fish can last up to two, four or even ten years if you take care of it the right way.