How do you Feed Betta Fish?

Owners of Betta Fish are always confused on how often they will feed it and in what manner.  This type of fish is different compared to other aquarium fish simply because they have a tendency to eat a diverse kind of food.  For the beginners, they can opt for flakes which are the traditional betta fish food.  Here are additional tips that can help you understand the process of feeding your fish.

How Much Do You Feed the Betta Fish?

Start by feeding your fish with the amount of flakes that they can eat for about two minutes; it is pretty important for you to remember this.  Betta Fish will be finished with their meal in those 2 minutes, other flakes that they didn’t eat will gradually settle in the bottom of the aquarium, it will rot and pollute the water.  This can create a hazardous environment for your betta.  By providing the fish with just a sufficient amount of food, you are keeping the tank a safe place to live in for the fish.  Furthermore, in the event that your betta eats more than 3 minutes, they will increase their mass, and you will notice a bulge on its belly which means that the fish is overweight.

How Often Do You Give Them Betta Fish Food?

The average betta fish that you will find in every pet store is already an adult, so we will base the answer to this question on an adult betta.  The recommended habit would be only 1-2 times a day.  In case you look at the container of the food, it may probably advise you to feed them as often as you like since they only want you to spend more money in buying their product.  When you have a Betta, it is suggested by the expert to skip meals once in a while.  It allows the digestive system to take a break and flush the toxins out of their body.

What Type of Beta Fish Food is The Best?

Remember that the betta fish is still a carnivore; they will immediately attack and bite other fish that may serve as a threat.  This simply means that the fish prefers a food that contains protein.  The cheaper type of food would be the flakes, there are times that the bettas like its taste and there are times that they don’t.  In case they don’t, you can choose pellets that are particularly intended for the betta.  You may also feed them with dried, frozen or live brine shrimp or bloodworms.

Remember that when choosing a bloodworm to feed on your betta, they may carry a lot of parasite or bacteria with them.  So for those who are just starting with betta fish food, it is recommended to stay with the basic.

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