How to Mate Betta Fish

Bettas are wonderful and colorful creatures to keep and breed. However mating them can be a difficult task. In this post, I will be putting you through some easy steps to on how to mate betta fish successfully.

1. Get a Breeding Pair

The best period to mate bettas is when they are young. Most stores bettas are too old to breed, and genetic characteristics are unknown. So try purchasing young pairs from a safe and reputable breeder in your area or on online stores. Ensure that the pair is of almost equal size, and endeavor to get two pairs in case the first mating fails. Whoever you purchase the pair from, make sure you get background information about their genetic characteristics

2. Introduce the Pair

After the mating pair has been eating live food for about two weeks, then you are ready to introduce them.

To get started, move the male and female bettas so that they can see each other clearly, but make sure they are separated. This can be achieved by either putting their tanks next to each other or introducing them in opposite sides of the tank separating them with a divider in the breeding tank.

It is crucial that they can see each other before putting them together to reduce the risk of causing serious injuries to themselves. I can emphasize this enough; you don’t want to lose either or both betta while trying to mate them.

3. Remove the Divider/Bring them Together

When the male is ready to breed, he will construct a large bubble nest within three days. Once you notice this, remove the divider between the pair, or introduce the female from the neighboring tank into the tank containing the male. The male might bully the female for some time, chasing her around and grasping at her fins. This behavior might last for several hours or days, ensure that there is enough hiding place for the female to escape bullying.

4. Leave them to Nature

After some hours, the male will eventually trap the female under the bubble nest, and they will embrace. However, it may take more than one embrace for the female to produce eggs. After a while, the female will start releasing eggs from her little ovipositor to the ground. Afterward, the male will start scooping them into the nest. He will swim down and scoop the eggs one by one and place them in his bubble nest.

5. Separate the Pair

The minute the female is done releasing eggs, the male will start bullying her again, and she will find a place to hide. Carefully scoop her out and put her into a separate tank. Make sure you treat her tank with Maroxy to heal her fin quickly because she would have suffered minor injuries from the male bully.

Leave the male in the tank pending the time the fry will hatch. Once you notice that the fry can swim on their own, remove the male from the tank and start caring for the fry.