How to Setup Your Own Betta Aquarium


Choosing the best betta fish aquarium should happen first before getting any fish. Deciding which out of the several options is not that challenging, though, as long as you are aware of the pros and cons of different betta tanks for sale.


Tips in Choosing


You may have already seen all of those different types of betta bowl selections at pet stores. Generally speaking, there are three factors that you can take into consideration when making a decision. One is the option on the size of the betta tank. Bettas are usually kept in betta fish bowls or tiny cups not just because they survive there efficiently, but also because it is the most affordable way in which pet stores display them.


As soon as a betta moves to a bigger house, it starts to show some improvements in terms of health. The colors become more attractive and vivid. Also, since the betta bowl is now increased in size, your betta gets the exercise it needs. With its interaction with the new surroundings, it starts to develop quite a really unique personality. According to expert owners, nothing that is smaller than 5 gallons is a good option. In fact, a ten-gallon betta bowl is even preferred.


Aside from the size, you also have other factors to consider. For instance, you also have to look into the material used. While it may be easy to grab what is available, the overall construction of your aquarium is very important. Plastic is not a good choice. It fades in sunlight, scratches easily, and may even become foggy or cloudy through time. The most common option for the best betta tank is glass. It is often the least expensive, even though it may be prone to breakage.


Acrylic is another great option. For one, it is not prone to breaking, does not get foggy easily, and is lighter than glass. If you want to drill or cut on your aquarium, acrylic is way easier altered than glass. The material that is used on the glass itself, including the aquarium gravel, should be seriously taken into consideration so as to make sure that everything goes well with your bettas.


The shape of the betta bowl is also as important. After all, betta fish thrive and live in shallow water, just like in their natural habitat. For this, you may not want to purchase a deep tank, because the area may not be appreciated. By getting a rectangular tank which is low and long, you can prepare an efficient area for your fishes. A typical 10-gallon bowl that you can choose out of the betta tanks for sale seems a reasonable option for you.