The Impressive Character of Male Betta Fish


If you have been looking for an aquarium fish that combines beauty with great temperament, you will be thrilled by the male betta fish. This is an exotic fish that is found in the waters of Thailand and other wonderful places of the Orient. It is alternatively known as Siamese fighting fish, due to the distinctive, aggressive nature that defines this species. Of course, both males and females are available for purchase in the market, and they are both impressive creatures. However, the males have established themselves, and they have become more popular for a number of reasons.


Why Should You Choose a Male Betta Fish?


The characteristics of a male betta fish vary significantly, and they are quite different when compared to those of females. The males have been gifted much brighter colors that catch your attention right away. They also have longer flowing fins, which makes them even more imposing. So the appearance of males is much more spectacular than that of females.


Apart from the looks, the male betta fish is also more aggressive. This aggressive nature has been the cause of the name Siamese fighting fish. Betta fights for marking his territory, which is one of the most primal instincts in all species. The male needs to make sure that nobody is a threat to the territory he has marked. As a consequence, anyone trying to invade this private space has to be dealt with effectively. As you can imagine, it is very difficult for two male betta fish to live together in the same aquarium. Sooner than later, problems will emerge.


You can choose females or a female and a male to live in the aquarium, but you will be still taking a significant risk. The best option is for you to keep one male betta fish alone in the aquarium and the others in other fish tanks. In addition, you should know that not all betta fish are the same. On the contrary, there are different personality traits that you ought to look out for. Some might appear milder in their nature, whereas some others might be even more aggressive than average. However, they are inclined to fight for their home and thus you should not jeopardize the quality life inside the aquarium by placing more of these species together.


The males will be an exceptional addition to any fish tank, provided that you pay attention to their distinctive nature. They should be treated with care, and they should feel comfortable, living in a place that covers their needs in full.