how to set up a betta fish tank

How To Setup A Betta Fish Tank

Are you thinking of getting a Betta Fish? These adorable fishes make for ideal pets as they are easy to keep and feeding them doesn’t require an effort. Children also love to be around these fishes. The fishes are colorful and they look beautiful in a water tank. As a pet, it is a good option to buy Betta fish as they are an affordable pet without any elaborative water tank needs.

Betta fish are beautiful pets, and they need a home that let them live a healthy life and provides a safe living space. Alongside proper feeding, the most important factor that is important for your fish safety and long life is the quality of the water tank and the proper setup of a betta fish tank.

Here are few simple steps that explain how to setup a betta fish tank correctly.

Get all the Accessories

You should get everything you need to set up a betta fish tank. You should start by selecting a right size tank that can hold at least 4 gallons of water. Often, betta fishes are found in small plastic bowls in homes barely surviving and living a poor life. If you want a healthy life of your fishes, you must invest in a big water tank.

Buy any good aquarium filter that will keep your tank clean. A good filter gives bacterial control in the water and protects the fishes from serious diseases. You need to buy a filter that does not create strong currents and your Betta can swim in the tank normally.

It Is also recommendable to get a water tank heater as the Bettas comes from tropical waters, and you need to maintain the water temperature in the tank. The water tank heaters come with a thermostat to monitor the heat, and you should keep the water temperature between 75-8- degrees Fahrenheit. You will only use the water tank heater for tankers holding 4-5 gallons of water and more.

Betta’s are swimmers and they swim with the flow at all levels. You need a smooth gravel to protect the fish from hurting itself while cursing in any direction.

It is also a good idea to add decorative to your water tank. Your wish will love swimming in a tank where it can go through caves and hide in plants and shady areas. You can introduce real plants in your tank but all decorative should be weightless, and they should not harm the fins of your Bettas. If you use artificial plants for the tank then select silk plants and avoid the plastic material. If you keep changing the decoration of your tank, it will keep your pet happy and lively.

When buying a tank, you should look for tanks that have built-in lights to give proper light to the fishes. If the tank is without light then you should buy led lights as they are easy to control and come with timers so you can set a defined time when you will keep the lights on.

Setup Your Tank

The first step is to properly clean your tank with water and select a space in your home where you can keep the tank. Make sure space is not a dark corner and get some exposure of sunlight, but under no circumstances keep the tank under direct sunlight.

You can buy an affordable stand and place the tank on it. Make sure the surface is even and allow some room for the filters.

The next step is to install the filter. Don’t worry it is not a technical process and the filter installation guide that comes with the filter will explain how to install filter properly. You can also watch online videos where installation of filters is explained in detail. Turn the filter after you fill the tank with water.

Clean the gravel and remove all dust before you add to the tank. If you are planning to use real plant leave space of 2-3 inches for the gravel.

You can now set up all your decorative. Make sure they are firmly anchored in the gravel so they don’t come out after some time.

Fill your tank by covering your gravel and gently pour the water inside. Carefully check the tank for any leaks. Do not fill the tank all the way to the top and leave about half an inch of space.

Start the filter and make sure the currents are slow and steady. You can use the filter settings to control the filter. You should also check the heater at this stage. Use a thermometer to check the temperature when you start the heater.

Use neutralizer to eliminate chlorine in the water. This is very important as otherwise; your Betta will die in water with excessive chlorine.

Now, your tank is ready, and you can buy your Betta fish. Usually, Betta will come in a bowl in its own water and the water in the tank and the tank environment will be new for the fishes. You need to introduce the fish gently to the new environment and keep the water in your tank at moderate temperature.

Let your fish swim in the new tank. During the first few hours, you may find the fish unresponsive to the new environment, but then it will adjust to its new tank. You should ensure proper feeding of the fish.

The above tips will help you set up a perfect tank. You should also make it a habit to clean your tank completely after every three weeks so the water stays clean and your fish can enjoy fresh water and stay healthy. Cleaning the tank is a simple process and if you can set up the water tank all by yourself you will be able to clean the water tank in a matter of few hours.

Try to be careful while you are setting up the tank and if you are stuck at any stage you can always ask the experts at the aquarium to guide you along the way.